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Dr Eeka King
Registered Doctor of  Chinese Medicine
Cert IV Remedial Massage
Cert IV Oriental (tuina) Massage
Cert IV Chinese Remedial Massage
Master Reiki
Certified Acutonics® Teacher

Ike (Eeka) King is a qualified and experienced Acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner, nationally licensed with APHRA and a member of AACMA. She has also trained in western Remedial Massage and Asian bodywork, Chinese Tuina and acupressure at ACNM. Eeka built up a successful business and had a career as a massage and natural therapist before and whilst she completed the Bachelor of health science (Acupuncture) also at ACNM. Her first modality was Astrology and she did a year of training in ‘astrological therapeutic counseling’ with Universal Astrology. After completing her Acupuncture degree her interest in astrology re-ignited and she was thrilled when Alan Oken (American Astrologer) teamed with her previous teacher, Maggie Kerr offering a Master class series in Astrology, which she completed in 2007.

Eeka and her husband David are the owners and main practitioners of Bayside Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Clinic in Brunswick Heads (near Byron Bay). As well as having a knack for treating musculoskeletal complaints (using a combinations of massage, cupping, acupuncture and heat lamp therapy), Eeka’s area of clinical focus lies in the treatment of women’s health, infertility, pregnancy, birthing and post-partum healthcare. Also, her passion for natural therapies and astrology has lead to much research and practical knowledge in the area of natural fertility management.


Eeka prepares lunar ovulation charts (using the Jonas system) for her fertility and pre-conception care patients, also teaching them and offering workshops in conscious conception and natural contraception methods. In her 4th year of acupuncture studies she did her major research project on childbirth. She now has two children of her own and has personally experienced the benefits of acupuncture in maintaining exuberant pregnancy and in promoting a natural and harmonious birthing experience. Since then Eeka has completed further studies in obstetric acupuncture. With this combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience of pregnancy and natural childbirth, she is able to offer woman a very valuable service. Eeka is on a mission to bring back birthing power to women and is dedicated to educate, inspire and support women on their birthing journeys so that more women and babies may experience a natural calm birth and new beings may enter this world with love.

Eeka is taking her treatments to a whole new level since discovering and training in Acutonics® – (planetary sound healing), a modality that combines all her passions into one. The Acutonics healing system has its roots in Chinese medicine and is a form of needle-less acupuncture (great for babies and children) and is excellent as a stand alone treatment or combined with acupuncture. Precision calibrated tuning forks are applied to specific points to access the body’s meridian and chakra systems, bringing about health and harmony and ultimately raising the frequency vibration of your entire being.


Dr David King
Registered  Dr  of Chinese Medicine
Cert IV Chinese Remedial (tuina) Massage
Master Reiki

David is a qualified and very passionate acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medical practitioner. He completed his studies at the Australian College of Natural Medicine (ACNM) and over the years has built up a solid reputation as a professional, passionate and caring therapist.

He began his vocation learning the eastern disciplines of Taiji and Chinese Qigong. He discovered and experienced the subtle energetic movement of energy (Qi) within his body and then began an extensive study of the mind/body connection. As a dedicated meditator, David aims to maintain his highest level of energy, so that he may help facilitate others to reach their optimal state of health, happiness and well-being.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs is David’s passion, and he has developed a strong intuition and sensitivity to diagnosing health conditions through feeling the pulse and other diagnostic techniques.


David has a vast knowledge of Chinese herbs and utilises acupuncture, massage, cupping, moxibustion, nutritional advice, counselling and reiki healing in his treatments. As well as treating a wide range of ailments, he specialises in treating musculo-skeletal conditions and he also enjoys helping with mental-emotional disturbances.

David is a member of the professional association (AACMA) and can provide Health Fund Rebates to most providers for his Acupuncture services.


Becky Martin

Registered Acupuncturist

Becky Martin is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and member of Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA). She graduated from the Endeavour College of Natural Health with a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture).

Through her practice, Becky has taken a particular interest in pain management and psychological issues such as stress, depression and anxiety. Her treatments involve a range of techniques including acupuncture (using the finest quality, Japanese needles), acupressure, massage, cupping and heat therapy. Becky incorporates the most up to date, scientific research in her treatments and tailors each treatment to the client individually.

Becky is also trained in Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation, where a series of tiny, super fine needles are inserted into certain points of the face.


This treatment is aimed at reducing fine lines and tonifying the muscles of the face, giving you a more youthful look.

Systematic, body acupuncture points are used at the same time, to harmonise an out of balance body. This form of acupuncture is based on the theory that if something is wrong with the body, it will show in the face. Therefore, by diagnosing the face, along with other diagnostic tools like tongue and pulse, we are able to gain a full understanding of your issues and work on the whole body to bring you back into balance.

Health rebates available.


Raphael Benn

Diploma of Remedial Massage

(Member AAMT)

Raphael Benn is an experienced Remedial therapist who has been practicing since 2008. Having worked in multidisciplinary clinics as well as spa and leisure settings, his aim is to be integrative and thorough. A previous experience in healthcare underpins an in depth knowledge of anatomy and how to restore the body into alignment. Being a member of the Australian Association of Massage therapists, Raphael maintains an interest in continuing education exploring new angles for lasting outcomes.

Each individual session is tailored to meet your specific needs. It can be strong yet sensitive, with an instinctive touch will enable you more freedom of movement, elimination of pain and reduction of stress to support your life balance.

Raphael is now offering Deep tissue remedial/ sports massage, Chinese abdominal massage (Chi Nei Tsang) and swedish relaxation massage. Health Fund Rebates available and can be claimed at the clinic via HICCAPS.