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Tarty Berry-licious Raw Cake

A healthy dessert that will impress!

For the base:
2 cups almonds
1 cup coconut
3/4 cup pitted dates
2 tabl coconut oil
1 tabl real vanilla essence
2 tabl real maple syrup or honey

1. Place almonds in food processor and blend. Add the dates and the rest of the ingredients until the mixture sticks together

2. Press the mixture firmly in the tin/dish and press evenly up the sides to form a base. Put in Fridge.

For the filling:
2 cups Macadamia nuts
4 lemons juice and rind
2 bananas
1 cup mixed berries (can be frozen)
3 tabl psylium husks
3 tabl coconut oil
2 tabl real maple syrup or honey
1 tabl vanilla essence
*extra berries for the top

Place Macadamia nuts in food processor and blend until tiny crumbs. Add lemon juice, coconut oil, vanilla essence and paple syrup and blend. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend some more. Place mixture over the base. Decorate with berries as you wish. Store in the freezer. When you want to serve cut pieces and let sit for 10 min before you devour!

Raw Berry Cake